You can find on this page the walking Washington DC map to print and to download in PDF. The Washington DC walking tour map presents the best itineraries to discover all the iconic landmarks of Washington DC in USA.

Washington DC walking tour map

Map of Washington DC walking tours

The Washington DC walking map shows all the walking routes to visit the monuments of Washington DC. This walk map of Washington DC will allow you to easily plan your walking tours through the streets of Washington DC in USA. The walking map of Washington DC is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

On our guided walking tours, you choose how much the walking tour was worth after your tour is over, encouraging your guide to provide a memorable experience. We offer sightseeing walking tours of Washington DC, including Georgetown and Arlington National Cemetery, that will give you a fuller appreciation of this great capital city as its shown in Washington DC walking tour map.

To put it simply, a walking tour through Washington tony Georgetown neighborhood of Washington DC is a venture through time — of 200-year-old mansions and their eccentric owners, of fortunes in trade won and lost, of marvelous architecture from Federal to Victorian as its mentioned in Washington DC walking tour map, of the once-bustling freedman community Herring Hill, of political intrigue, of green preservation and urban renewal. And, of course, no one can mention Georgetown without the Kennedys.

One of the great things about a relatively compact capital city like Washington DC is the ease of walking that it offers to visitors, even those unaccustomed to much foot traffic. Additionally, the successful urban planning of Washington DC means that points of interest and many historical neighborhoods are all within easy walking tour distance of one another, or of the Metro (their mass transit system) as its shown in Washington DC walking tour map.